Suds For The Fairer Sex: Karmi Beer, Poland

A recent trend is growing. Carslberg, whose brewery I’ve visited in Denmark, is now producing a regional beer called Karmi in Poland.

With a low alcohol content of 0.1%, this near-beer is targeted to women, much like light beers and wine coolers have been for years. Its packaging is feminine and clean, but what’s unusual are its four flavors:
• Karmi Classic (Dark beer with a sweet caramel flavor);
• Poema di Caffé (coffee);
• Selua (pineapple/piña colada); and
• Lamai (guava, dragonfruit and mint).

Yes, you read that right… coffee-flavored beer! So you can finally get your caffeine buzz with your alcohol buzz, even if it’s low alcohol. In fact, a Polish business magazine named Karmi as Poland’s best new food product of 2006.


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  1. Sorry, but Carlsberg is Danish, not Dutch.


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