French Laundry – Enjoy Fine Dining with Innovative Food

Since its birth, French laundry is regarded as one of the top restaurants not only in the United States but all across the world. This restaurant is located in the San Francisco Bay area in California. Thomas Keller is one of those culinary colossi whose signature is innovation. In French laundry, an eclectic mix of French cuisines with the authentic American roots of Thomas Keller can be found.

To enjoy the privilege of occupying a seat in this restaurant will cost you around $240 plus tax. However, experience the superb service and enjoy the fantastic nine-course meal for hours. You can also taste its vegetarian course. It is a place for serious food lovers who are willing to invest both the time and money to taste the intricate preparations that are often prepared beside your table. It might your once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, what are you waiting for go and check this out.


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