Show Your Love with Tiffany’s

New from Tiffany’s… Hearts. Not just any hearts, these are “Tiffany Hearts.” One of the sweet newer creations from the timelessly classic jeweler, they can be seen on display in their many stores across the globe. I love the platinum necklaces with dripping hearts covered in pave set diamonds, but the rest of the collection is just as dreamy.

With Valentine’s Day just a month away, Tiffany’s has hit the market with sparkling renditions of the traditional symbol of love. These baubles are pretty slick –– Cupid himself would be proud.

Founded in 1837, this store was first to use the silver standard that was later adopted by the US Government. Their jewelry was purchased by Abraham Lincoln, and used to decorate flags and swords carried by Admirals and Generals; this is what sets them apart in this competitive world. Beautiful jewelry is one thing, but good looks and a distinguished history, well that is rich.

I’m hoping someone drops into their online store and orders up something for me this year. It should be something of value… something memorable. Who am I kidding? I’d settle for a wad of cotton wrapped up in that adorable little iconic blue box!

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  1. Becca says:

    Pamela, you always have interesting articles. And you are right on when it comes to Tiffany’s. The most swank jewelry store EVER! Now I need to go and check these “sweet” hearts out! I’d say that is perfect timing too. 🙂

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