Designers Say It Should Be A Golden Winter

To preview the season, gold as a color was featured in every Paris Couture collection for Autumn/Winter 2006-2007. The spectrum included rich honeyed camel and caramel tones, sunshine yellow to true mustard gold on through to the deepest amber tones.

But have we seen the results of the Designer’s influence walking around town in the cold?
The industry bellowed, “This fall and winter expect to shimmer and glimmer in golden yellow colors.? Tones of chartreuse and sand, bright canary, mustard, copper, corn, and straw were prepared to jump off the catwalk and out into the streets.

How much gold have you spotted this winter?

Preparing us for the cold, in his autumn 2006 collection, Gaultier used many golden hues and went to great lengths for a modern-day Medieval look with creations such as a velvet dress flung with wraparound red fox fur.

Valentino’s evening jacket, lavished with gold lace, trimmed with sable fur and paired with a full skirt, served as an elegant underscoring of the season’s contemporary shape.

Christian Lacroix uncharacteristically used simplicity as the golden rule for his textural silver-metallic trapeze coat trimmed with a bold and buttery fox fur collar.

Come on, people, the designers are on to something! Adding these warm colors into the winter wardrobe provides a bit of sun to your traditional cold weather fabrics. They serve to glamorize those who wear them.

Maybe I haven’t seen much because of the unusually tepid weather we’ve been having, but once the temps start to plummet… I hope we see more of that rich, opulent Gold!

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