Make a Party Happening by Wearing Caron’s Poivre


If you are in search of some of the exclusive and elegant fragrances of the world then check out Caron’s Poivre. It is regarded as one of the most expensive and hugely popular perfume that caters to the need of the elites across the world. It comes with the spectacular price tag of $2,000. If you are looking forward to buy it, then be prepared to shell out this whopping amount. Caron is the company that is first established in Paris more than a century ago. Poivre is a brand that was originally created long back in 1954. Poivre is a French word that means pepper.

The scent lives up to the meaning of its name pepper: It smells like a beautiful blend of red and black pepper, with cloves and other spices. It is meant for both men ad women. The bottles are limited-edition Baccarat crystal that itself is a collector’s item. By wearing this spicy fragrance, you will surely rock a night party.


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