Platinum and Gold Finished Corkscrew


If you want to have the most expensive corkscrew in the world, then Sveid’s offering will be your ultimate choice. Each one of this is made to order with fifty-two pieces. Most of these are aviation titanium, and is specially packaged in an elegant presentation box. The Sveid corkscrew is extremely customizable, with a fingertip lever that may be created with 18-carat gold or platinum and unique hinges that may be created with gold. Even the presentation box is customized specific to individual’s need; the choices of the wood used and the color of the chagreen liner are completely in your hands. You can even have your name engraved on the box, the corkscrew or both.

The most expensive corkscrew looks like a cross between a Swiss army knife and one of those ring puzzles you find in novelty shops. It features a lead cap cutter as well as the corkscrew. It costs about $71,000 USD.


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