Paper Thin Dell Display Port Monitor is Going into Production

Dell is at it again setting trends with their new “Display Port�?, which is a paper-thin concept monitor. This monitor is going to blow the competition away. The very sleek design fool coupled with the better video quality than your home television. About 4x HDTV clarity and it will act like a central hub for all your other peripherals and monitors connecting everything seamlessly through one bi-directional cable.

The new interconnect will let you daisychain multiple monitors and connect other peripherals via one bi-directional cable.

These monitors will be around in early December just in time to slide under the tree.

[ via Trend Hunter ]

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One Comment

  1. Any info about pricing and screen size?
    From that photo look like a 24″ screen…

    4 times HD could mean 7680 x 4320 pixels! Can this be true?

    I think this is more of a TV set rather than a monitor, as you can’t stack two or three of them side by side, without that super ugly huge frame come in your way…

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