Fashionable Winter Apparel For Your Dog: K9 Top Coat

The world’s foremost innovator in dog outerwear, K9 Top Coat promises canine apparel that is both durable and fashionable, comfortable yet functional. This is not the sort of dog clothes that comes in a bag at Petco.

K9 Top Coat apparel comes in all sorts of material. For cold weather, there’s contour-hugging fleece and lycra jumpsuits. For active winter dogs, they also make a micro fleece-lined bodysuit that’s waterproof. It comes with an optional hood attachment. Of course they also sell vests, and eye-catching muscle shirts. When the elements take hold, make sure your dog has on his fleece-lined boots and waterproof hat before going out for his daily constitutional.


Posted by Alex Russell on December 20, 2006 in Shopping

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