Selfridges gold belt for your lavish lifestyle

expensive-beltA gold studded belt and a gold belt are completely different items, and when it comes to a gold belt, it has to be exclusive. UK based Selfridges & Co. unveiled one of the most expensive gold belts in the world a few years back. This belt is very expensive as the entire outer portion is made of gold with 18 carat purity.

Apart from the gold part of the belt, the rest of it is a unique white leather base. On the leather base, 70 pyramids have been designed, and each of these crafted pyramids is made of gold, which ultimately transforms this white leather belt into a highly exclusive gold belt. The company has priced this luxury gold belt at $32,000 for those people having a waist measurement below 28 inches. Anyone who has a waist above 28 inches and still wants to enjoy the touch of this lavish lifestyle accessory, will have to pay an additional $1,240 for every inch, and the belt will be customized for the wearer’s waist.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on November 29, 2011 in Shopping

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