A Kitchen Knife Studded With Diamonds

If you are looking for a true masterpiece in your kitchen then you can opt for an unusual kitchen knife. The greatest news is that the Designer named Quintin Nel who is quite reputed for his jewelry art has made an alliance with Hoffmann/Pieper, who are the most well known blade smiths for producing a masterpiece among handmade knives. This masterpiece is named Nesmuk.

The goldsmiths Hoffmann/Pieper, who originate from Hamburg and the designers chose the design of the traditional Nesmuk form. The handle is made by using sterling silver and there are about eight diamonds and they come with a blade of carbon steel.

It is claimed that the Nesmuk is the most expensive as well as the sharpest and kitchen knife that can be found in the entire world. Therefore it also brags of a great price tag, which is 31,000 euros and that comes to about $39,600.

Via bornrich.org

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