Close But No Cigar :: Camileonheels.

Problem: How tacky it looks to see beautifully dressed women walking to work wearing sneakers.

Ah-ha Moment: Dr. David (1/2 of the brother/sister team that created Camileonheels) watches his young sons playing with “Transformers-robots in disguise” wondering why he couldn’t apply the same concept to transform a sexy high heel into a comfy low heeled shoe.

Soulution: A decade later Dr. David and his sister launch the first of many shoe designs where the heel adjusts from 31/4-inch to 11/2-inch tall.

Tip: The website offers free shipping and free returns so you can try completely risk-free, which is a good thing since most styles cost around $300.

While I really love the idea of this product, particularly when traveling with carry-on, something about the low-heeled version kind of creeps me out. Not sure why. If you have tried them, let me know what you think.


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