Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan priced at $4,240


A keyboard is an input device of a computer and common people generally use any keyboard that is compatible with their desktop computer. When we think of buying a keyboard we think of soft touch well laid out keys. Nowadays, some prefer wireless keyboards so that they can sit and use this input device by setting it as they like. But an ordinary person never thinks of spending a few thousand dollars to get a keyboard. However, the wealthy always prefer to lead a luxurious lifestyle, and for them PFU Ltd. has launched an expensive keyboard to mark the grand celebration of its 10th anniversary. This lavish creation is named the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan. This keyboard is hand painted with Urushi lacquer. The hand coating is done by a special type of brush. After hand coating, gold dust is sprinkled over this keyboard to give a royal and elegant effect to this computer accessory. This keyboard is embellished with a price tag of $4,240.

Via exploredia.com

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  1. Hey do y’all have a more expensive keyboard or no

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