Plug & Play: Solio Universal Hybrid Charger

We’ve all got a handful of digital devices these days: iPods MP3 players, cell phones, GPS, Gameboy® and other portables. But what if you’re staying at an upscale hotel, you forgot your charger for something, and the drawer at the concierge’s desk doesn’t have one to match?

Instead of schlepping a separate charger for each chargeable device, you could just buy a Solio Universal Hybrid Charger, the indispensable power source for all your portable electronics.

It provides power whenever and wherever you need it with seven tips and cables. So the new, award-winning Solio Hybrid Charger pack says it offers “the greatest range of compatibility with your devices ever, right out of the box” for $99.95.

It includes:
• USB cable (powers iPod)
• Mini-USB tip
• Nokia tip
• Motorola tip
• Samsung tip
• Universal cable

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