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As a Food/Wine/Travel writer, I’m often sent new products to review. Sometimes they make the cut and sometimes they get sent to Goodwill. (Like the blowup body cushion that was supposed to “turn my coach seat into a first-class travel experience” and almost got me kicked off the plane when I couldn’t disconnect it from the air-vent!)

But at least, I can usually figure out what they were going for… NOT the case when I got the package from IonHub.com. (Just so you know, my tech skills are on par with… actually I can’t think of anyone or thing that is as pitiful as I am.) I did manage to figure out that it was something technical so I immediately sent it to Kirk, my techiest contact in NYC.

So, first you can read what the Travel Charger is all about and then you can read the succinct review- straight from my tekkie’s mouth:

• Ionhub’s patent pending technology provides reverse polarity protection, under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection and short protection. Your safety is our number one priority.

• It is a travel charger, a home charger, a cell phone charger, a MP3 charger, a gaming PSP charger, a camcorder charger, a PDA charger, a Bluetooth earphone charger and GPS charger all in one, powered from a wall, car, or airplane outlet.

• Using our unique interchangeable and self-locking connector tips, IonTips, available at ionhub.com, your IonHub charger simultaneously charges up to 6 portable electronic devices, such as iPod, Sony PSP players, Nintendo DS Lite, DVD players, Portable GPS, digital camcorders, digital cameras, Blue Tooth earphones, electric shavers, RAZR phones, Blackberry, Treo, as well as most other brand cell phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc.

• With up to 6 of self-locking IonTips connected to the hub at the same time, you will never need to worry about missing tips or constantly changing charging tips for different devices.

Kirk’s Opinion:
When I tested the IonHub, I connected multiple devices to it and it worked perfectly, also tested the hub on the car as sometimes you want to charge multiple devices but some cars only have one lighter to plug in your charger. The only problem that I found with the hub is the lack of connectors for the new devices that will be coming out (new ipod shuffle, etc ). On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being highest) I will rate this a 7.

Since I’m really getting into this now, I sent Kirk’s comments back to the Ionhub and immediately got the following answer:

For the iPod shuffle, we have two very general tips that will work for it. One is the IT-105, the USB female connector that is the same as the USB port on any computer. Therefore, the iPos Shuffle’s USB cable can be plugged in and charge just as it would with a computer. Also, we have IT-302, a car adapter female connector. This was designed for people who have car chargers for their devices but can not find charging tip anywhere else. Our users found between these two, they can almost charge anything because a lot of devices come with either USB cable or car adapter/charger, or both. The IT-302 seems most popular with Zune MP3/MP4 owners and portable DVD players since our charger supplies sufficient current to even power the DVD when playing.

Buy it or read more at: http://www.ionhub.com/

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead (who’s not a tech head).

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  1. travelingobject says:

    having ionhub for only one month, my study floor is finally free of messy wires and power strips, quite refreshing. i now have a habit carrying it with me so i can charge my gps, blackberry, and iPod while i’m driving interstates. only con i found is it does not charge my ibm notebook.

  2. after searching for a way to lighten my load while traveling I decided to give the IonHub a try … glad I did. It has taken 4 adapters (Mp3 player, cell phone, dvd player and blue tooth) down to one. Helps in hotel rooms that do not have extra outlets to plug in multiple adapters at the same time. A+ in my books.

  3. I’m looking to buy an ion hub charger if anyone knows where I can find one since the manufacturer site does not show it for sale and Amazon says they are out of stock

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