A Spirit is in the House at Miraval :: Tucson, Arizona

Miraval is a destination health and wellness spa an hour outside of Tucson, Arizona, not only have they been voted, “Number 1 Spa” in Spa Finder magazine, they have also been featured in Conde Naste. It goes without saying, well I guess I just did say it, that Oprah has also voiced her approval for the spa and took fifty of her “best friends” to the resort for a girl’s getaway. This has only increased my desire to take annual or bi-annual trips to the spa. Most guests are returnees to the spa. The last time I visited the spa, there was a well know psychic there, her name is Maggie Garbarni. The one lecture that I attended was standing room only, or sitting room only as we were required to sit in a very large circle as she lectured about the meaning of psychic powers and intuition. Maggie also used numerology and tarot cards as aids.

Maggie read us her impressive list of credentials and offered to give each of us a mini-reading. I immediately begin to get nervous. Some in the group show enthusiasm, and others, not so much. This is not what I bargained for, and I look for the closest exit.

According to Maggie, the woman next to me is going to have some serious problems with her daughter. Being the skeptic that I am, I immediately discount this, who doesn’t have problems with their kids? When it is my turn, she intimates about some family business issues. Again, I feel as though she does not have to reach too far with her psychic abilities as I am sitting next to all of my mirror image relatives. It is a fairly good guess that we could be in a family business of some sort. She inquires after my friend Steven. I quickly run through a mental checklist of old boyfriends, a short list, as I was a late bloomer, She intimates that Steven’s spirit is standing immediately behind my chair. This is too much, and I am developing saddlebags of sweat under my arms.

Having stretched her psychic abilities with me, she moves on to the next guest. This person is going to have a child come into her life. The woman is at least fifty and does not seem pleased at the prospect of having another cinder block attached to her ankle. Most people are beginning to look nervous; no one likes the idea of Steven, the spirit, hovering about the room. The psychic continues to look for a home for Steven. Does this woman with three red ponytails know that she has several spirits surrounding her? Ponytails is entirely blasé and says that she is aware of the presence of spirits around her. My esteem rises for Ponytails. She obviously can take on Maggie while the rest of us cower in our chairs. Maggie says one particular older spirit would like to speak to ponytails. Ponytails doesn’t bat an eye, but asks how she is supposed to communicate with the spirit. Maggie says the spirit will come to her.

We finish with the closing of the circle which requires the group to hold hands. We ask for our own personal angel to guide us through life. I have always liked the idea of angels so I hope this is true.

Later that afternoon while waiting for my relatives to finish up with their private sessions with Maggie, I see ponytails. She has just returned from one of her complimentary treatments (Two treatments are included with each three day stay or more.) She still sports her unique hairdo, and I inquire as to how her spirits are treating her. She replies that she did attempt to speak to the old lady spirit but had some problems. She said it was a problem speaking to old lady when she was alive and didn’t see how things would change much now that she was deceased. The old lady was her mother and both mother and daughter had been to the spa together in the past. We both laugh at this little joke and I like her even more. We agree to meet for dinner and discuss our individual experiences with Maggie.

Miraval’s catch phrase is “mindfulness”, and you cannot help but feel relaxed at this wonderful five star retreat, where the therapist have a healing touch and the guest speakers are enlightening as well as entertaining. This is a great place to visit if you are traveling solo, there is always someone to hike, golf, horseback ride or a partner for tennis. However, I sincerely hope that Steven, the spirit has left Miraval, Life in Balance, somehow a hovering spirit seems out of place here.

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