Tranquil atmosphere of Pacific Ocean influences Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay Hotel


Indulge in the tranquil atmosphere of the deep blue Pacific Ocean with the Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay Hotel, a getaway for guests who want to enjoy the beauty of the colorful city overlooking the beautiful green park. The blue water body borders the city and the pristine beauty of this azure sea is a visual feast for guests who stay here to enjoy their leisure or business trips. The hotel is situated in Queen’s Square Yokohama. There are 480 airy rooms and exclusive suites in this hotel, each of which is provided with a balcony which is cooled by the gentle ocean breeze.The richly decorated hotel rooms allow the guests to indulge themselves in an ocean of luxury and comfort.A splendid blend of serenity and harmony exists in these hotel accommodations. This hotel allows the guests to escape into the world of solitude and privacy while gazing at the panoramic beauty of the ocean bay and the clear sky above.


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