Not-So-Advance Purchase :: Frontier Airlines

Frontier AirlinesDon’t even think of booking next year’s flights right now. At least not on Frontier Airlines.

The Denver-based carrier has reduced the length of time for purchasing tickets in advance. Instead of publishing its fares 11 months to a year ahead, Frontier now only allows bookings 8 months in advance.

A check of United, Northwest and other major airlines found no problems in trying to book flights for early 2009. Southwest Airlines, one of Frontier’s main lower-cost competitors, limits advance purchases to just a few months. Right now, in April, for example, Southwest only allows reservations up to September.

Frontier officials say the limits on advance-booking time make financial and operational sense in that they can change fares and flights without having to re-book customers who have already made reservations. Additionally, they don’t tip their hand to their competitors about route or pricing changes.

Posted by Janet Day on April 24, 2008 in Travel

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