Nature talks on the lap of historical Athens in Athen’s Life Gallery


Located in the picturesque setting of historical Athens in the Ekali region is the boutique hotel, Athen’s Life Gallery. It is totally surrounded with a natural environment and tranquility prevails in the atmosphere. A sense of balance dominates the natural spirit of the atmosphere. The sleek and simple design of this luxury hotel offers a lavish lifestyle to guests away from the hustle of the main city life. The architectural design of the hotel follows the traditional style, with a fusion of ultra modern chic designs. There are 30 spacious rooms along the mountain cliffs to offer the scenic beauty of the mountains through their well maintained Zen gardens bordered by pine and cedar trees. The junior suites, art studios and deluxe rooms are the three categories of rooms available for guests where they can enjoy the uncompromised pamper of comfort and luxury through unforgettable hotel services. The havens are decorated with earthly color to create a natural feeling and the corners of the rooms are adorned with lifestyle furniture.


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