Web-Based Wisenheimers: SmartTraveling.net

What single word best describes Smart Travelling? This travel boutique in an alley in Berlin’s hip Mitte district, is intelligent… brilliant… savvy… and just plain smart.

It’s a Web-based service that features information about 24 Western European cities with memberships starting at 19 Euros annually. Its bi-lingual (German/English) site says: “Smart-travelling is devised for determined and discerning travellers with a sharp sense of style and atmosphere who are always on the lookout for something new, spending sometimes more and sometimes less. It is for people who travel a lot, are curious and open-minded and who seek both the big thrill and the tiny oasis of luxury.”

Once you subscribe, you can search by city, by country, by the type of vacation you want, by business or pleasure, by couple or family, et. al.

Plus, you can save your choices in a personalized guidebook as a .PDF to print or refer to later on.

Via CoolHunting.com.

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