When In Rome, Run: SightJogging.com

Let’s say you’ve been to a great small city like San Francisco or Amsterdam and walked to most of the sites. Or you’ve been to large cities like Chicago, New York, London or Paris and taken public transit to get around. Now –– if you’re a jogger and you’re in Rome –– you can take an hour-long run with SightJogging.com. It offers seven routes and a trainer will even meet you (and up to four people in your group) at your hotel, and lead the way.

Their Web site, readable in English, Spanish or Italian, says the only thing you’ll need is a pair of running shoes. Prices are 70€/hour for one jogger, but only 140€/hour for four. Note they’ll add a VAT of 20%.

Via PSFK Global Trends Collaborative.

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