Ride in Style in Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal Edition Bicycle


To raise funds for the cancer awareness, the disease with which the legendary bicyclist Lance Armstrong was detected, some of these limited edition expensive bicycles were designed. Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition bicycle is one of those costliest editions of bicycles that come with the stunning price tag of $114,000.

Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition is plated with 24 karat gold entirely —even the spokes are gold plated. The seat is a Brooks’s saddle. It is made of the premium quality leather, whereas the handlebars have grips made with chocolate brown, hand-sewn leather. Even the badge that has a number engraved on it is made of good quality leather. Certainly, the bike is referred to as “Crystal edition” because it has a valid reason for that. It is embellished with more than 600 Swarovski crystals—including the Aurmania name that is written in Braille along the crossbar. These bikes are limited edition as only 10 of these stunning bicycles have been produced.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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