The Fall of The Roman Empire: Caesars Tahoe To Become MontBleu Resort Casino

During my college years, I skiied at Heavenly Valley at South Lake Tahoe and feasted on the buffet at Caesars Tahoe Resort & Casino. I later spent three years writing ads and commercials promoting their first-class acts, from The Beach Boys and Willie Nelson to David Copperfield and Julio Iglesias. In fact, I once got to use Julio’s private bathroom.

So imagine my dismay when I read that Caesars has been sold to Columbia Sussex, who is revamping the casino and will turn in into a comtemporary French Alps theme in February as the MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa.

The main casino has already been remodeled. Some time next month, the property will offer an upgraded nighclub, a new casino bar, a choice of seven restaurants and Lake Tahoe’s largest spa, which I can say is quite spectacular… especially after a day on the slopes.

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  1. MontBleu will be much better than Caesar’s ever was!

  2. Eric:
    Maybe so. Caesars Tahoe was always a mix to me: a big time casino in a small town like South Lake Tahoe but without the sophistication, energy and class of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
    Thanks for you comment and please tell your friends about Vagablond.

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