Lose £10 In Your Sleep: EasyHotel To Open in the UK

Last Christmas, I paid £150 per night at an upscale London hotel. But now, you can pay just £10 through EasyGroup’s first bargain-priced EasyHotel locale, which will open on August 1. It will feature 34 smallish rooms (just 60 to 80 sq. ft) and be located in a swank area off Cromwell Road, between South Kensington and Earl’s Court.

Owned by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the EasyGroup chairman, EasyHotel is a “clean, safe, consistent hotel room in city centres at a great price.” The hotel has a manager on duty 24/7, but there are frilly lobbies, bars or restaurants. If you want a room with a window, it’s a bit more. All rooms have a double bed with linen and a duvet, en-suite bathroom with shower, air conditioning and pay-as-you-go 10-channel TV. Housekeeping is optional for another £10.

The chain plans to expand in the UK and internationally, doesn’t advertise and books rooms through its Website: www.easyhotel.com

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