One For All: Tune Traveler Portable Speaker System

If you have a portable music player, you might want to complement it with a portable music speaker system. That way, you can listen to your favorite music at home, at work, in a hotel or at the beach.

It’s compatible with iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, MP3 players, CD players, PCs, NoteBooks, and MP3 cell phones.

This system from Innovative Technology folds flat for compact storage and easy portability:
• AC adapter and Tune Traveler pouch included;
• Can also run on four AAA batteries, not included;
• Charger is UL listed;
• One-year limited warranty.

Tune Traveler is available from Bed, Bath & Beyond’s Website for $29.99.

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  1. Gordon Sutton says:

    I have recently purchased one of these from Macy’s which I used with a Palm Zire-72.
    I particularly like the fact that it operates on batteries as well as AC. Sound is as good as I had expected. My music has more volume and now plays in stereo.
    Only suggestion to the manufacturer would be that the speakers be expandable to accomadate the wider Palm or other PDAs that the IPod

  2. My daughter opened this and threw away the packaging. I cannot figure out how to attach the ipod to the speaker system.I only have the speakers and the A.C adapter, no wire to attach to the ipod. Can someone advise, am I missing a piece?

  3. I have the same problem. It isn’t clear how the ipod attaches to the speaker system or whether it works with an ipod nano.

  4. Chrissy & Anna:
    Thanks for your comments. We only report on the devices, not how to fix them. I’d suggest calling the store where you bought them and ask them your specific questions. Or take your Tune Traveler to an Apple Store or Radio Shack — they’ll probably have the answers you seek.

  5. Just a thought but the speakers and docking should attach to a power outlet directly with an AC adapter.

  6. I just bought one, couldn’t figure it out either AT FIRST. But then, I did. On the back of it, the back of the case, where it says – (it) – innovative technology, take that off and the parameter of the square battery placement, you should find the plug for your mp3/ipod to connect. =)

  7. I just got this speaker system from Bed, Bath & Beyond’s store for $6.00.
    The plug your looking for is wraped around the box.
    I use the speakers with my lap top computer.
    The sound is much better.
    Now I just tried the speaker on the computer & it won’t work.
    The red light came on but it won’t turn on now.
    I’ll take it back to the store for a new one.

  8. Audiophil says:

    The price on the Tune Traveler has dropped to between $5 – $8 pretty much everywhere.
    If you were on the fence about buying these nifty little portable speakers at the waay over-inflated prices they were charging when they came on the market ($19.99 – $39.99) NOW is the time to get this item; while the price is low but before there are none available to purchase.

    As long as your expectations are low you will be very pleased with the portability and functionality of this little unit. NO you won’t get loud heavy bass out of them but for personal listening for one or two people in a quiet enviroment they work just great. NOT Recommended for outdoor use!! I use the Tune Traveler with various ZEN models and the speakers do the job indoors. I do find I have to turn the speaker volume up to almost as high as it will go but then I use the player volume between mid and high volume and get slightly better than a good stereo ‘clock radio’ sound. Certainly good enough to hear the songs, sure it’s not the best sound quality but positively worth more than the current going rate for the item when taking into consideration that it can run on both AC and Batt. (haven’t tried the batt. as power source so no idea what type of batt. life to expect, but i expect it to be low).
    The fact that it folds-up as it does and comes with a sufficient (though, a bit cheesy) travel pouch to stow and carry the unit and its AC adapter in make this a cool little package and now that the price is more in line with the caliber of product there is every good reason to try the Tune Traveler portable speaker set for those in the market for inexpensive portable compact speakers.

  9. I am having the same problem that some of the other people are having. I cannot figure out how to atatch my MP3 player to the speaker system?

  10. There is a cord around the battery compartment wrapped around the entire unit…pull the plug part out, unwind it and stick in the ear piece of your ipod…they work great, I love mine

  11. DUmbedDownWorld says:

    Merely quoting the post at bottom of page=

    “There is a cord around the battery compartment wrapped around the entire unit…pull the plug part out, unwind it and stick in the ear piece of your ipod…they work great, I love mine”

    It might help to know that the wire is under the Battery compartment lid (wrapped around the Batt. compartment)

    Can’t believe the number of people that don’t figure this out on their own!

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