The World’s Scariest Travel Stories: A Real Scream, #2 in a Series

Here is one more story from one of our intrepid global contributors and travel writer, Jacqui Horwood:

“My scariest moment came many years ago, in 1989, when I was travelling on a Contiki trip (which was scary enough as it was) through Europe. We were in Amsterdam and were staying at a flea pit in the red light district. After a night on the tiles, one of my fellow passengers, Pete, and I decided to walk home. We lost our bearings and found ourselves down a dark alley. Once we realised our mistake, we turned around and headed back to the bright lights. Unfortunately our mistake had been noticed by a gang of men who bailed up Pete halfway down the alley and robbed him at knife point. All I could do was watch and it was terrifying.”

What’s your scary story while traveling? Feel free to comment below.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on October 28, 2006 in Travel

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