Taste the Excellent Basque Cuisine at Arzak


If you are passionate about food and want to taste excellent Spanish cuisine, then Arzak is the place for you. Foodies across the world flock to taste the great meal of this renowned restaurant in Spain. It is located in lush San Sebastian area and offers some of the greatest Spanish cuisine that will be memorable for your lifetime. Arzak is a three-star Michelin rated restaurant that specializes in Basque cooking that includes, meats, fishes that are usually grilled on hot coals. The technique also uses a wide variety of strong spices and sheep’s milk cheeses.

It got its name from the head chef and owner of the restaurant, Juan Mari Arzak. The ambience is superb with quality food presented in innovative styles. The place has an old world charm. Spread in the two stories, the place offers exclusive fine dining experience. You can find very fresh and local dishes like the seared white tuna, fresh figs, hyper fresh eggs, and even in-house-made truffle oil.

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