Sink And Swim In Ittha Restaurant: The Underwater Food Paradise


Seafood at the Ittha Restaurant perhaps just falls in and cooks itself! It may perhaps emerge that way at the world’s first all-glass, underneath the sea restaurant at the lavish and luxurious Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort. Essentially, the amalgamated Maldivian-Western gastronomy is as scrumptious as the view is astonishing from 16 feet beneath sea level.

This is the place, where having the exact janitor may come in handy, as both locals and travelers are engrossed by this architectural odyssey. This placed has gained so much of recognition that managements suggests to book the table prior.

The interior of this restaurant adds a little more thrill to your experience. Viewing the water-world along with eating gives a delightful experience. Nature has decorated this award-winning resort by surrounding it by a coral reef and lagoon. For any foodie, this place is ideal. You can sit and pamper yourself with some fabulous food. The unique blend of Maldivian-Western cuisine definitely gives this restaurant a place higher.


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  1. WOW, what a beauty

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