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Driving & Dining on California’s I-5 :: Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, Coalinga

Harris Ranch stinks. Don’t get me wrong. The food is terrific. The steaks are all-natural aged Harris Ranch Restaurant Reserve Beef so they’re tender and juicy. The restaurant offers all kinds of variety, all freshly prepared. The hotel rooms are huge and quiet.

But the aroma all around here is strong because one of the world’s largest cattle ranches surrounds the property in Coalinga, along the main interstate highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It’s about three hours from each destination by car. Less by private plane — and they have their own private airport here, too.

Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant began modestly in the 1930s in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. Today, it’s a legendary oasis of fresh beef, fruits and vegetables. I’ve dined here many times on my way north or south and it’s well worth the stop.

Plus, you can buy Harris Ranch Beef at dozens of supermarkets across the U.S.

More info: www.harrisranch.com.
A: 24505 W. Dorris Avenue, Coalinga, CA 93210
T: 800.942.2333

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