Targeting Target Stores: The Poison Plastic is Out of Style

You might be interested in helping to encourage Target to phase out products containing unnecessary, dangerous chemicals.

From vinyl shower curtains to children’s toys, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic products pervade our homes and lives. These products are dangerous to our health and environment from start to finish –– in the factory, at home, and in the trash, releasing poisonous chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.

Families shouldn’t have to worry whether their children’s toys or shower curtain may expose their children to dangerous toxins. Target has a responsibility to sell safe and healthy products instead of products containing unnecessary dangerous chemicals. The good news is safe and cost-effective alternatives exist. Other retailers, such as Ikea, have completely phased out PVC.

Take action today by going to

To learn more about the hazards of PVC products in your home, and to read “Sam Suds and the Case of PVC: The Poison Plastic,” go to

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