Baldacchino Supreme, a royal and magnificent bed for extravagant lifestyle


“Home sweet home” – this is what every people dream about and everyone wants to decorate their sweet home lavishly with exclusive items and furniture to give a luxurious heaven like look to their haven. With Stuart Hughes, the brand luxury designer house, this dream is always fulfilled. To embellish the bedroom of your dream home, this company has designed a royal and magnificent bed, Baldacchino Supreme, to match your extravagant lifestyle at a price tag of £4,000,000. This bed is made of chestnut wood and curved designs and has been crafted with ash wood. Cherry wood decorates the canopy edges of this exclusive bed. The wooden areas are embellished with 107kg of pure 24 carat gold with tiny decorative leaf designs throughout the headboard. There is a provision for setting diamonds or any other precious stones on the headboard in accordance to the preference of the buyer. Italian cotton and silk fabrics are used to complete the decoration of this magnificent bed.


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