Art 4 the Face Adds Some Fun to Eyewear :: Colorado

Those of us at a certain age hate to admit we now can’t read the phone book, newspaper, even the screen on our cell phone without putting on the embarrassing magnifying glasses. But hide no more – make those failing eyes a statement with the fun and funky hand-painted glasses from Art 4 the Face, the Salida, Colorado-based venture of Karin Frye.

Toss out those dull drug store magnifying specs. Forget the cookie-cutter fashion sunglasses. Put on a brightly painted pair of Karin’s sunglasses and feel like everyone’s looking at you. They probably are because the glasses are unique, hand-painted by Karin so that no two are exactly alike. My favorites are the sports lens sunglasses that fit my face and my lifestyle. But I also have to admit to buying three pairs of magnifying glasses (one for purse, one for office, one for kitchen) and a bright turquoise pair of bifocal sunglasses so I can actually read things outside.

Karin divides her inventory into shapes of shades that are best suited for small faces, average faces and wide faces. All the styles are flattering and adding color and whimsy to the frames seems to make the wearer’s face brighten. Art 4 the Face offers reading glasses and sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses. Each is painted in great detail with colorful or metallic acrylic and topped with a protective finish for durable wear.

These aren’t just cheap glasses painted with a dot or two of craft store instant-drying plastic paint. These are works of art with an abundance of detailed painting around the lenses, across the bridge and along the arms. They come in bright hues and earth-tone metallic shades painted three-layers-deep in mosaic and geometric patterns, dots, squiggles or stripes. Frames in tortoise or black lacquer are available in a variety of shapes, including horn-rimmed, cat-eyes and other classic or contemporary shapes. The reading glasses come in classic shapes and a fun Harry Potter-ish round shape in several powers of magnification.

For some added pizzazz, check out the wraps – painted glasses with the arms wrapped in coordinating beads and copper wires. And keep track of your great shades with Karin’s leashes made from leather cording with nickel end pieces and anodized aluminum highlights in a variety of fun shapes. All glasses come with a complimentary hand-sewn case, made either from colorful leather or bright fabrics.

Glasses can be purchased online at Custom orders are also accepted.

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  1. rowena says:

    I am writing from Quito, Ecuador, where my painted sunglasses where stolen. Art 4 the face is not a working website, though i am no Modern Millie either. There is some Apache thing instead. Please send me Karin’s business telephone number so i can get more glasses. Thanks. Rowena Marvin.

  2. Dave genge says:

    Would like to discuss evan if only over the E thing first , having karin do a little painting for me .. love your stuff we met you In Moab we live just down the road from the park .. Dave & kelly ..

  3. Diana Staley says:


    Bought some of your glasses at a booth in Phoenix, AZ. Would like to buy some more. How do I see your inventory?

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