Timeless Beauty with Zadora Timepieces (Part I)


Come home to the most gorgeous watch of your life as ‘Zadora Timepieces’ gifts the world with the current collection of ornamental watches.

Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof who gave a new definition to watch designing in the present era owns the watch manufacturing company of Zadora Timepieces.

In his designs, the top plate of the watch is left empty for the display of artistry with bugs, Zadora’s current craze.

Zadora has developed the style of movement of the watches manually and this is a highly time consuming activity. Hence, the house of Zadora comes up with limited productions per year.

If you love to own unique pieces of artistry then a Zadora watch is, a must for collection as no two Zadora watches look the same. The Lucky Lady Bug watch from Zadora’s is a real treat to the eyes.

These elegant pieces of art simply reflect the amount of perfection, which would not let you take your eyes off the watches.

Via: Luxist.com

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