Pay a Meagre and have Fun in a Luxury Vessel


Travelling in cruise is the most luxurious mode of experiencing your vacation! Cruises offer you 24 hour entertainment, food and high quality services. There are some high grade cruise ships that provide you with royal services. So, go for a world tour and visit different countries in a world class cruise ship! One such cruise with high quality services and amenities is Serenity, the largest cruise ship of Crystal. This luxury ship offers you a thorough tour across some of the advanced regions in about 108 days. If you are thinking of visiting Africa, nothing can be better than this!

You can have an exciting vacation while visiting various countries. This cruise is famous for its sushi restaurant where Nobu Matsuhisa, a Japanese chef provides you with variety of cuisines. Nearly all rooms of this ship are designed like a suite, each having a private balcony. To enjoy a cruise travel with all kinds of best quality services, you have to shell out a whopping of $58,000.


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