Adventure Touring Rejuvenated with Trogon House and Forest Spa (Part II)


Staying in Trogon House and Forest Spa is an experience of a lifetime. On the way to Trogon one comes across the sanctuaries of elephants, birds and monkeys, which surely demands a visit if you are an animal lover.

As one leaves behind the sanctuaries, the 1.4km of meandering track below a forest shade is the next stop that leads to pool deck giving astounding scenic views. The exciting aspect is the glass walls of the lodge.

You will always feel the aesthetics of nature in the lodge.

Decoration of the rooms is done with great care and eye for details. The exotic treasury of African art including silks, crystal, and Egyptian linen are used widely for tasteful decoration.

The areas of reception and the bedroom suites in the lodge give access to beautiful paths to the two secluded forest suites hidden away from livelihood. This is the place where you refresh and rejuvenate your soul with exclusive spa treatment.

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