Oy, You Could Plotz Over the Egg Rolls: Kung Pao Kosher Comedy, SF

It’s an unwritten law of being a Jew: On Christmas Day, you celebrate by going out for Chinese food — and I’ve been following this tradition now for years. This is why a San Francisco Chinese restaurant has become a comedy club during Christmas Week each year. But not just any kind of comedy…

“Kung Pao Kosher Comedy” is a four-night (Dec. 22-25) annual celebration with generous portions of hot, spicy, self-deprecating Jewish humor, dished out by performers who’ve appeared on David Letterman, The Tonight Show and Comedy Central.

This year, in honor of its 13th year, KPKC is cordially inviting you to celebrate its Bar/Bat Mitzvah with performances on December 22, 23 and 24th (dinner show at 6pm; cocktail show at 9:30pm), as well as on two shows on December 25 (dinner show at 5pm; cocktail show at 8:30pm).

Performers: Wendy Liebman, Betsy Salkind, Gregg Rogell, Lisa Geduldig.
Tickets are $60 for a 7-course Dinner Show or $40 for veggie egg rolls at the Cocktail Show.

New Asia Restaurant
A: 772 Pacific Avenue, between Grant & Stockton in Chinatown, San Francisco
RSVP: 925.275.9005 or www.koshercomedy.com/kungpao.

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