Glam-Girls getaway to Beverly Hills, pt.1


Early this month, during a familial conference call, my NYC sis started whining, “It’s so wet and monsoonish here on the East Coast.”

Then mom chimed in, “Try living in Seattle, my dear. It’s cold and dreary and totally depressing. I’d love some sun.”

I was then commanded to come up with a getaway plan. After taking into account their short-list of demands: close proximity to mom, good weather, great food, with easy access to lots of shopping and museums, etc. the City of Angels won out for an easy four day segue into Spring.

Los Angeles can feel like one big sprawling, diverse, frustrating freeway. But if you break it down into small neighborhood sound bites, there are endless choices for a fantastic weekend of fun with the girls.

Here’s how we did it:

Location was key. Sophistication was important. Comfort, safety, star power (aka bragging rights for the Eastcoaster) topped the punch list. One hotel kept popping up on my radar: The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Fingers crossed, I booked us for three nights. Phew, the “girls” heartily approved my choice.

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