Marie Antoinette mirror from Boca Do Lobo resembles the mirror used in the Palace of Versailles


Are you aware of your true beauty, hidden behind your body and soul? If you want to see that real beauty, take a look at the reflection of your body on this Marie Antoinette mirror which is an exclusive piece made by the brand luxury house of home décor, Boca Do Lobo. This exquisite mirror has been designed to be similar to the antique mirrors used by French royalty in the Palace of Versailles. This luxury mirror exhibits a class and attitude. This mirror is 87.4” tall and 39” wide with a depth of 5.5”. The reflection glass of this mirror is fitted within a grand and royal border which is hand crafted and embellished with silver leaves all around the glass.  Finally, an elegant gloss comes due to the glossy varnish which has been used to varnish the entire veneer. To give a new and royal look to your interior environment, this is the best choice for you at a modest price of $20,000.


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