A Delicious, Delectable Holiday Gift :: The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook

I’m proud to call Amelia Saltsman my long-time friend. She’s just published The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook and the reviewers are absolutely gushing about it. Here’s what a few prominent chefs have said: “Amelia’s book is an amazing resource to have with you, a complete season-by-season handbook to guide you through the bounty of the market.” — Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse Restaurant

“The Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook is for anyone who has ever stood in the produce aisle of the supermarket, wishing for something more; for anyone who has wandered past the rows of beautiful produce at a farmers’ market gazing longingly but unsure where to start.” — Suzanne Goin, chef-owner of Lucques and AOC Restaurants

To buy this truly delectable cookbook for $22.95, visit the Blenheim Press Website.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on December 07, 2007 in Food, Shopping

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