Enjoy a Unique Piece of Watch – A phoenix-shaped Cartier Watch

Do you like to wear watch in different shapes and sizes? Then just check out this piece of beauty – Cartier’s phoenix shaped watch. Amazing! It can be referred to as the secret watch with phoenix décor. Can you imagine the price of this one-of-its-kind piece? It’s costs about $2,755,000. Some of the lucky few can only afford this. It has made its debut in April this year. The shape of the phoenix has made it look attractive to the buyers.

This watch is made from 18-carat rhodium plated white gold. It uses emeralds for the eyes and has one pear-shaped, portrait-cut diamond weighing 3.53 carats. This piece is the part of the exclusive Merveilles du Nil de Cartier collection. It has total 80.13-carat diamond. In total 3,010 diamonds are used in this piece. You can wear it as a single piece of jewelry in one hand. Richemont is the owner of the Cartier.

Via: Images.businessweek.com

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  1. Phoenix are clearly not white. This should not have been crafted with so many diamonds.

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