Ashes to Created Diamonds :: Lifegem

There’s a company I found that creates gemstones from carbon captured during the cremation of human remains. “LifeGem” captures the carbon released during cremation as a dark powder, and then heats it further to produce graphite. The graphite is sent to a lab where it is synthesized into fancy diamonds.

What a cool and fantastically bizarre idea. They only gather the carbon from the cremation process – the family still gets the remains when they’re done… Could it be that bad? I imagine this can really take off when widows realize that a beautiful stone they can wear for the rest of their days to remember their loved one, really IS their loved one!

The best part is that the level of quality they are able to reach with their ice is similar to gems at the VVS clarity level which is very, very slightly included or imperfect. Hey wait, that’s a pretty nice stone! That’s nicer than what is in most wedding rings!
I don’t know how it would go over for some of you out there, but when I rolled over in bed yesterday morning and whispered to my husband, “I hope you don’t die before me honey, but if you do, I’m gonna have a four carat monster diamond made out of your ashes�? his response was something short of bewildered.

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