iPhone Applications and Your Traveling Companion

If you are a regular leisure or business traveler then you will find that a good deal of the latest smart phone applications that are out in the market are targeting you. Today more than 900 such smart phone applications are available and out of them, recently the USAToday tested just some, which are the popular and hottest iPhone travel applications.

One of the most popular ones is FlightTrack and it offers real-time flight status along with scheduled landing and departure times. It also provides the actual takeoff as well as the projected landing. Another application known as WorldView Live provides video streams from at least 6,000 webcams that are located throughout the world.

Babelingo is another application for the iPhone and it has about 300 useful phrases as well as words in about eleven languages. Zagat To Go ’09 offers the user access to each and every Zagat review.

Via traveler.fivestaralliance.com

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