Lip Smacking Splendor Waiting to Melt


Ever thought of enjoying a scintillating anniversary, to commemorate a togetherness, of more than a decade with ‘The Grand Opulence Sundae’. This mouthwatering heavenly experience comes worth $1,000 and your eyes will simply pop out once this expensive ice cream is served at crystal goblet of baccarat Harcourt. Accompanied with 18K spoon of gold you simply would not be able to resist this temptation of lip smacking ice cream.

This ice cream comes with a small spoon of pearl and has a topping of gold painted sugar flower especially from Ron Ben-Israel. While tasting this ice cream you will get a taste of yummy 5 scoops of rich ‘Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream’ blended with ‘Madagascar vanilla’ and to add to its looks it has a covering of 23K digestible gold leaf. You will be simply drenched costly chocolate, Amedei Porceleana and sauce yourself with unusual Chuao chocolate lumps. The exclusive fruity flavor and the Marzipan Cherries and truffles and passion fruits simply elevate your passion to new heights.

Via: luxurylaunches

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