Chocolate & CD: The Groove Collection, Vosges Haut-Chocolat

The owner of Vosges Haut-Chocolat says music is her muse when writing, cooking and creating. So it’s not just a coincidence that Katrina Markoff combined chocolates and music to create The Groove Collection.

It contains 12 chocolate truffles and 12 genres of music influenced by African Americans, from field songs to rural blues to hip hop, with a truffle to taste for each, reflecting a popular ingredient of its time.

For example, John Lee Hooker’s “Bundle Up and Go” is paired with a hickory smoked bacon and milk chocolate truffle. Or you can enjoy listening to Louis Armstrong’s “Mack the Knife” while munching on a dark chocolate truffle blended with Café du Monde(TM) chicory coffee.

The Groove Collection Box Set, $75.
Call 1.888.301.9866 or order online at

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