Noka Chocolates – Finest Dark Chocolates

Who does not love chocolates? I just love to gorge on chocolates no matter how much extra calories and pounds it add in my body. I just can’t do without them. From the cheapest street ones to the most expensive and exclusive ones, I would like to taste all of them. Recently in news I came to know about Noka chocolates. Noka Vintage Collection are the creator of this variety of chocolate. Can you imagine that this will cost you stunning $854 for each pound? It is a Texas based company that is producing this finest types of dark chocolate.
An assemblage of the finest dark chocolates acquired from choicest plantations in Venezuela, Côte d’Ivoire, Trinidad and Ecuador, Noka chocolate is the second most expensive in the world. It comprises of 75% pure, single-origin cacao with other ingredients like cacao butter and sugar. No additional vanilla flavor is added to it.


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