Sushi Kaji – Authentic Japanese Cuisine

If you are looking for one of those high-end restaurants that will offer you the best sushi and other authentic Japanese delicacies of the world, then Sushi Kaji will be the perfect choice for you. Chef and owner Mitsuhiro Kaji is continuously working on the recipes to achieve that perfection and serve his clients with some of the best and pure dishes of the world. With the best quality and innovation, a dinner for a person will aptly cost you $109.

Here you will get authentic, seasonal and sensuous offerings in a chic Japanese ambience. The freshest fish and sophisticated dishes such as chicken consommé with lime leaf or scallop tempura with seared foie gras and garlic sauce is a definite winner among others. Since its opening about six years ago, the thirty-seat restaurant always remains filled with the food lovers. The dishes are served in beautiful dine wares to make it more delicious for the guests.


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