Watering Down A Status Symbol: Bling H20, Hollywood, CA

In LA, it seems like everything’s a status symbol… What you drive. What you wear. Where you go. Who you know.

So realizing this, Kevin G. Boyd, a Hollywood writer/producer, created Bling H20 — more than a pretty taste — for the ultimately hip bottle of water that makes a statement about who you are.

With the recyclable frosted bottle, exquisitely handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals. Bling H20 is bottled at the source in Tennessee with a nine-step purification system, including ozone, ultraviolet and microfiltration. It has now appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Emmys, and other notable awards shows. Info: 888.BLING.14.

3 Responses to Watering Down A Status Symbol: Bling H20, Hollywood, CA

  1. Val Fielding says:

    Bling is crazy hott! We had a few bottles at TAO in Vegas over the weekend with Jamie Foxx’s crew. It’s on the “O List” for December and GQ Germany says, “it’s the newest bottle service must have!” I agree! It’s kinda outrageous but everybody was freak’n out over the bottle in Vegas!

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    Hi Val:

    Thanks very much for your feedback!

    I haven’t run across a bottle of this Bling H20 yet. But I’ll be looking for it on my next trip to LA-LA-Land.


  3. tooloooooo says:

    trés bien je !

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