Katrine is a Gem in the Gables: Florida

Lunching at a trendy spot in Coral Gables, Florida, I found my senses being teased by aromas and tastes from another time and place. The place is called “Katrine” and even though the cuisine leans toward Italian-Mediterranean, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a quaint eatery you would find in any number of the classically chic towns throughout the world.

The menu has modern spins on traditional Coastal dishes that are prepared fresh and delicious. The beef and tuna carpaccio, Caprese baguette and basil pesto linguine tossed with sun dried tomatoes are just a few memorable items from the menu.

Since the restaurant is located on a busy section of the Gables on Ponce De Leon Boulevard, there is currently a bit more traffic due to the street expansions going on out in front. However, that is a temporary condition and it is sure to ease any future access issues that may arise due to the increasing popularity of the area. If you are shopping or doing business in the vicinity, the Gables trolley which stops in front of the restaurant may even be an alternative. Besides, their wine list makes any drive worth while.

A gorgeous city just south of downtown Miami, Coral Gables has become a haven for many of the world’s wealthy including Latin American celebrities. With its romantic outdoor dining and cigar friendly bar, there is no need for the owners of Katrine to place photos of celebrities on the walls. Its appeal to the rich, famous, and basically anyone with a palate, becomes obvious once you enter the glass doors through the topiary lined entrance.

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