Relish on the Great Caviar Salad


You may expect that the most valuable salad of the world will have a topping with eatable gold leaf and magnificently cut diamonds. This salad does consist of a bit of edible gold leaf and well deserves the price.

Celebrity chef, Raymond Blanc who is associated with Hempel Hotel, created this costliest salad in the ceremonial occasion of Florette National Salad Week in the year 2003. It took six hours to create this expensive salad. It included fine ingredients like beluga caviar, potatoes, Florette Baby Leaf salad and grated truffle and was garnished with Cornish Crab, balsamic vinegar which is thirty years old, lobsters and gold leaf.

The main attraction of this grand salad is fifty grams of golden caviars of Almas, which are made from Oscietre sturgeon and albino eggs, and its preservation for Russian tsars. The price of this costly caviar salad is £600 while the Earth Salad and Florette Sea together cost £635.60.


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