Food Network does it, again.

Wow, the other night I watched the new show they have on the Food Network where they are selecting a new TV show host. I thought it was one of the more entertaining shows I have seen from them in a long time. Seeing the iron chefs rip the candidates to shreds was pretty fun. Only one or two of them knew how to fillet a fish. Most didn’t know any type of knife skills. I think they went through an entire first aid kit the first two shows. Not that someone cutting themselves is funny but it shows how inexperienced these clowns are. You would think the high and mighty network would look for some people with some food background and preparation skills that were above the average person. Basically, you have a bunch of Vanna Whites trying to look pretty for the camera but don’t have the pedigree to even have an intelligent conversation with chefs like Mario Batali. I bet most of the contributors of this site could smoke the best of them in almost any category. I guess it is what it is, entertainment. Maybe it will convey that being a chef and a food show host are two different things.

Anyone else annoyed with the arrogance of some of those contestants?Wild Berry Strudel with White Chocolate Ganache and Grand Marnier

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