Mountain View, Where?????????? Part 1

Mountain View locals keeping it real with Diet Drinks! I have to meet an old friend of mine for dinner next week (who’s definitely NOT a foodie — I let a few sneak between the cracks every once in a while, and since he’s a great musician…) who lives in Monterey and we decided we will split the driving difference and meet in Mountain View, Ca. He said he wanted either BBQ or Pizza …which was a complete deja vu moment, since a few weeks ago, could I have taken him to the perfect spot! Only one problem… it was in Mountain View, Arkansas!

When I was writing about my Little Rock trip, I was saving the best for last, which is for the ultimate “time-travel” getaway. Mountain View, Arkansas is one cool quirky lil’ place to have heaps of good southern food and tons of good clean fun! Take the whole family for a rollicking vacation that will have you reliving the John Boy Walton Good Ol’ Days-but it’s for real!

ONE WARNING… (which I so wish someone had told me in advance, so I could have snuck in supplies!) M.V., Arkansas is a completely DRY territory — for MILES around. Shamelessly, I bribed some ol’ timer with a little kiss, (only on the cheek) in exchange for a little of his moonshine!

I’m covering my best meals in Part 1 (natch!) and in Part 2, I’ll let you in on a wonderful place to stay and take in the local sites!

The dinner spot for my friend I was referring to is Tommy’s Famous, which is a funky small-town place with a mighty big (and well-deserved) rep for serving not only the BEST Pizza around, but also the BEST BBQ! So, this is what folks living in the Ozarks call a balanced meal: One of Tommy’s pizzas (the “Fatboy” came so heavily loaded with goodies that you could barely lift it up to your mouth) and a rack of Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs surrounded by sides of meaty BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, and corn muffins!

(As a nod to all you “dieters” you can save some calories and still get all the flavor when you order Tommy’s special “BBQ” Pizza-the best of both worlds!)

It does take a little getting used to — trying to decide if you want to wash down all this goodness with a Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, or Non-Alcoholic Beer (yuk)!

Waddling my way to bed, like a Peabody duck, I was amazed that after a great night’s sleep, breathing with all that fresh Ozark mountain air, I woke up ready to take on a country breakfast… which worked our perfectly since that’s where we were headed. When you order the Bluegrass Special Breakfast at Country Time Dining & More, (complete with REAL PROFESSIONAL waitresses) your eggs come with your choice of meats and hash browns and biscuits and country gravy (for $4.29). But you’ll hate yourself if you don’t save a little room for a slice of their homemade pie (only $1.95!). We stopped at the display case on the way in, eyeballing all the flavors, and settled on sharing a slice… of every flavor! (At Only $1.95, why not?) Though they were all delish with their incredibly flaky old-fashioned lard crusts, my favorite was the mile-high coconut cream!

TOMMY’S FAMOUS Detroit-style (ingredients under the cheese, thick crust) pizza, barbecued ribs, great cole slaw.
A: Highway 66 West, Mountain View, AR. No alcohol.
T: 870-269-3278

A: 503 Sylamore Drive, Mountain View, 75260
T: 870-269-4136
A place where you will find good country food and Ozark hospitality!

Photo Caption: Mountain View locals keeping it real with Diet Drinks!

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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